The True-Self Breakthrough

You have a story in your head that you don’t know how to change and you think you need a bigshot to show you how.

I might break the coaching industry when I say this, but you already know how to change.

You DO!

You keep buying methods with golden price tags to show you how to change, but then surprise, surprise the same schmuck coach is selling you ANOTHER program with ANOTHER method year-after-year.

You KNOW how to change, you’ve just never allowed the process to work in your life.

(This is me picking a fight with the coaching industry btw.)

Want to know exactly what makes me different?


  • ​Understand that change is a process
    (it doesn’t happen instantly ever!)
  • If you take my course multiple times I’ve failed you
  • I’m working myself out of a job
  • ​Start with principles
    Principles are never-changing
  • Solve one problem, gain a foundation to solve all your problems
  • Consistency and small targets
  • ​Clients are smart and capable, they already KNOW what to do
  • Stay because you love the community


  • ​Change is just on the other side of these hot coals (you’ll never be the same!)
  • Just give me more money for no good reason.
  • I’d like to keep you on auto-pay!
  • ​Start with Create a catchy method
    Instead of teaching the principles
  • Come to me for your 1st problem and then keep coming back as new problems arise
  • Get _____ (rich, skinny, strong, smart) in just 30 days!
  • ​I’m the guru, look to me for every decision
  • Stay because you can’t function without me telling you what to do

You are afraid of change, and it feels SO GOOD to look at it, but not actually do it.

People get addicted to “self improvement porn.” They love watching it and imagining, but never do it.

(How about we stop masturbating to feel-good garbage. I’m all about doing the work.)

This is why my clients are seeing incredible results! Hundreds of people have discovered principles and have literally shifted their life.

  • From a 65 year-old who’d struggled to date her whole life that’s now in love and getting married
  • ​A billionaire who was in a miserable relationship and now travels the world living the true dream of what he built
  • ​An insurance agent who could barely make ends meet and put her coaching fee on a credit card then a month later 4x’d her monthly revenue
  • The man who hated his business and felt trapped now travels to Alaska and does eye exams for inmates.
  • After just 3 sessions the guy who sold everything in Colorado and moved to California and his life is exponentially better because of it.

(It’s not because I’m magic, it’s because I ask the right questions and focus on the principles.)



    Respect for myself and my clients.
    I won’t lie to avoid responsibility.
    Because we all like to f*ck off sometimes.​
    There’s only one Nick, I show up as me. There’s only one YOU. Be that person.
    I believe that love and adventure are the meaning in life.

You Have Permission To Be


(even if it displeases others)

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