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The Podcast with EQ Gangster

Friday, January 26, 2024

Nick shares his super unique story of how he started in the People-Pleasing space.

He also shared very openly about a number of the challenges he’s overcome & how he worked through them. 3 bouts of alcoholism. 3 divorces. 1 trip to rehab.

He explained how alcohol impacts / affects how we behave & how view the world around us.

He provided 4 practical exercises / steps to work through & overcome one’s people-pleasing behaviors.

How to connect with & follow Nick:

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I'm Nick

People call me the People-Dis-Pleaser because I teach thousands of people every week to set boundaries and break-free from people-pleasing. (And that can be displeasing to the people that love to walk all over you!)

You CAN live a life that is genuine to you, people-pleasing isn’t your forever. Trust me, I’ve walked that road from people-pleaser to captain of my own life.

​I was right where you might be right now . . .

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